A Castle Without a Princess...

6/11/2014 5 Comments

There are many blogs on the web today and this may imply that uniqueness is not easy to find. However, what is often not seen as unique can be the main factor that distinguishes one blog from the other. For instance, I use my blog to talk about my life and my passions. I use my blog as a mean to release stress, personal issues, or just daily events that impact my life in some way. A blog could be anything, anything that the writer makes it be.
I love fashion, I love writing, I love pictures, I love travelling, I love Italy. Indeed this is what my blog is about: ME. This is what makes my blog and many others unique. Now, what is so unique about me? Nothing. However, when I express myself, I express a certain type of person who belongs to a certain category with whom the viewer may or may not identify. This is what all types of media aim for: involve the viewer in some way. I try to do this with photos of places and outfits. And if you don't enjoy the content, even only knowing other people’s lives often helps understanding one self. Thus, why not trying to understand one self and do better?

Now let’s come to today’s post. Yesterday, I went to a representation that my mom hosted to end the English course she taught. We were by a castle, and we thought it was a nice background for some photos. I wore a jumpsuit I bought at Marshalls for a forth of its original price. I was really lucky. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow these photos are amazing! You look very pretty too! I love your outfit so much :)

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    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog and your photos as well. They look so professional!

  2. That is a beautiful castle, and you could it's absolutely beautiful princess! I love your outfit too, you are gorgeous carina

    1. Thank you! You could not be any sweeter than this :)

  3. Cool blog you have here! Keep up on this level and it will grow bigger. In the meanwhile, see some cool cute skirts for juniorsto raise your mood! This is a true body enhancer.


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